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Newborn Session

What  To  Expect  From  Your  Custom  Newborn  Portrait  Session  
I  am  so  excited  to  capture  your  sweet  newborn.  Your  custom  newborn  session  is  done  in  the  comfort  of   your  own  home.   My style is Fine Art Documentary, which means that I will come into your home and capture beautifully capture this fleeting moment in your life.  When  I  arrive,  I  walk  around  your  home  and  scout  out  the  best  lit  areas   for  family  and  sibling  shots.    I  often  use  the  couch, master  bed,   and  nursery  for  photos.  I  know  what  it  is  like  to  have  a  newborn.  Please  don’t  feel  like  you  have  to  clean   the  house  before  I  arrive.  We  can  easily  clean up an  area  that  we  want  to  use  for  photos.  If  the   weather  is  nice,  we  may  be  able  to  step  outside  for  a  few  family  shots  as  well.  Your newborn is perfect just the way he or she is.  I don’t try and make babies sleep or place them in unnatural poses.  I suggest you have your newborn in a simple onesie that is form fitting with no graphics or words.  I will likely take it off and get some nude or near nude newborn photos as well.   Newborn sessions can take some time, that is okay.   Your baby is perfect as he or she is.  I do not do major posing or have any expectation on how the baby should behave (alert or asleep).  We let the baby guide the session.  What is important is that we capture this beautiful time in your life.

  • Gather any blankets you will want baby swaddled in before I arrive.  I will bring a few large white blankets to capture some clean portraits of the baby.
  • Wardrobe  for  parents  and  siblings:  I  am  a  huge  fan  of  natural  and  pure  images.  I  say  dress  in   neutral  colors  and  be  comfortable.   Newborns  pee  and  poo  a  lot!  Don␣t  worry  if  they  do  this  on  my  blankets.  I  wash  all  of  them   before  each  and  every  session  and  totally  expect  for  them  to  get  soiled.  Here is a pintrest board with some ideas:
  • What to wear to your newborn session

Feel  free  to  e  mail  or  call  me  with  any  questions  you  might  have.  If  there  are  any  specific  “must  have”   shots,  please  let  me  know.  Thank  you  and  I  look  forward  to  meeting  you!

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