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Sometimes there are moments when I think having a studio would be pretty cool.  Then I get into the home of a family with a newborn and I quickly realize that I never want to give up my newborn portraits in the home.  While I always capture traditional posed newborn portraits, I adore lifestyle newborn photography as well.  I love being able to blend them both to give my clients a gallery full of a variety of images.  I get asked often, “does a newborn shoot really take 2-4 hours?”  The answer.  Yes.  Is it worth it.  Yes. Yes. Yes.  Newborns take patience but it is so worth it.

I photographed this sweet baby girl’s sister just 15 months ago.  As you can see, her sister has grown into a beautiful little girl. :)  I love getting to know my clients and watching their families grow.  I am a very lucky girl.


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